care services for people 
with learning disabilities 

Care Home Services 

We have eight Care Homes Services, all in the heart of Purley on Thames. We know how important the environment we live in is to our quality of life. Our purpose built homes are designed with this in mind. They are in beautiful surroundings – set out in a way that really works for the people that live here. 
This is just one way in which we make sure that Purley Park Trust is a safe, affirming and secure place in which people can grow and learn. There are other fundamental things that we work really hard to make sure are in place, including: 
Support from a consistent, highly-skilled and dedicated team of staff 
Sustained and detailed attention to helping people we support to stay healthy. We work really closely with a wide range of health professionals to help us to achieve this. 
A commitment to make sure the support we provide grows and develops as peoples’ needs or aspirations change 
Really working on our relationships with relatives and other people so that we are all working together in the best interests of the person we support 
Always working openly and honestly in ways that develop trust and confidence in our commitment to getting things right. 
Making sure that nothing ever gets more priority than the quality of the service each of the people we support receives. 
We think these are things that everyone should expect from us all of the time. Of course, the real challenge is making sure that each person that lives here gets the support they need in the way that suits them. From providing opportunities for people to grow, learn and achieve their aspirations to providing really good, sensitive end of life care for other people we always work hard to get what really matters for each person right. 
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