care services for people 
with learning disabilities 

Domicillary Care 

Purley Park Trust also provides supported living and domiciliary care services to a number of people. We bring the same commitment to getting things right for those people that we do to all of the people we support, which is why we are only able to support people that live in our local area – we know that stretching beyond this might compromise the quality of what we do. 

Domicillary Care 

We are a registered Domiciliary Care Agency, regulated and reviewed by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). 
Domiciliary care is a service delivered in someone’s own home to assist them with areas in their lives that they are no longer able to cope with. It usually consists of around 1 or 2 visits a day but may be more or less depending on the needs of the person. Referrals usually come to us through the local authority but we also take private and self-referrals. We always carry out a full assessment to ensure that we can provide what people need in the way that suits them. 

Supported Living 

Supported living is about encouraging and enabling Service Users to live as independent a life as they possibly can whilst having a support network in place to do so. We provide support to people on this basis up to 24hrs a day, depending upon their needs. 
This support is provided in peoples’ own homes and we work with landlords or other housing providers with the person to help them maintain an independent life and achieve their aspirations. 
Of course, these will be different for each person and goals will be carefully worked out on an individual basis; some of the people we support are at a stage in their lives where they want to maintain the quality of life they currently have, but others want help with things like finding and keeping a job, making new friends etc... 
Whatever the goal is, staff are focused on encouraging and supporting the person to achieve on their terms by using a step by step approach, which is regularly reviewed. 
Examples of some of the services we offer in both Domiciliary Care and Supported Living are: 
Personal Care 
Support with medication 
Support to manage finances 
Support to find and maintain employment 
Community presence 
Support with daily living skills 
Preparation of meals 
Support with medical appointments 
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