care services for people 
with learning disabilities 

Work for us 

What do we offer? 

Because we don’t make a profit we can pay our staff more – we aim to pay more than any other companies like us locally. 
You’ll also get an induction and training programme that is second to none. We’ll get you off to a great start in your career and then support you to develop it with us. 
You’ll also get the satisfaction that comes from doing a great job with a great organisation. 
You’ll get a whole range of perks and benefits: 
Membership of our employment benefits programme with Perk-box – which gives you amazing savings on hundreds of things from cinema tickets to phone insurance. 
Membership of our Simplyhealth cash plan – that lets you claim back money on everyday health costs (like the dentist, optician etc…) and access to a confidential counselling service. 
A great pension scheme that will help yousave for your retirement. 
Free life assurance. We pay for life insurance for permanent employees that’s worth 3x your annual salary. 
Our great Christmas parties (or a gift for those that can’t attend). 
Awards with shopping vouchers for staff that really go that extra mile at work. 
Help with child care vouchers etc. 
Payments and other rewards for long service. 
Nearly 90% of our staff 
would recommend us as an 
excellent employer 

What's the job like? 

We think it’s the best and most rewarding job you’ll ever find. 
No two days are the same and you’ll get the fulfilment that comes from working with people to support them to achieve their own goals and aspirations. 
The great part is to see how people can develop and attain new skills and know that you have been a part of that process. 
You will get to know the people we support and learn about how we can make their lives better. 
You’ll also learn a whole range of new skills and knowledge and get qualifications that will help you develop your career. 
You’ll also love working as part of one of our dedicated teams. You’ll make new friends and get all of the things that come from working in a really supportive environment. 
We also hope you’ll help us to get better at what we do. You’ll have a say in all of our plans and your thoughts and ideas will be really important to us. 

Why work for the Purley Park Trust? 

Working for Purley Park Trust isn’t any old job. 
It’s great working with the people we support and in a 
team that is committed to making sure we get things right for them. 
Purley Park Trust isn’t just any organisation. 
We’re a charity. We’re not in this to make a profit – we’re here because we aim to give people a better service than they can get anywhere else. We know this means we need to look after the great people that work for us and make sure they get all the support they need to do their job well. 
People like working here! 
Our staff say they’d recommend us as a great employer. Our turnover (the number of people that leave every year) 
is much lower than the average for companies like us. 
For further information or an application pack please contact us 
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