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Our Values

Purley Park Trust is a charity that supports adults with learning disabilities. Our aim is to make a positive difference in peoples' lives, not make a profit. 

We know everything we do is based on trust, which is why our Vision says “We will be known for our integrity, our passion and our commitment to getting things right for each person we support”. Almost all of our referrals come via recommendations from people that know us and trust us.

Behind this vision is a set of values that we all agree are vital to getting things right. They set out our commitment to making sure this is a great place to live and work:

Improving Lives – We will find out what is important to each person we support and then help them to make it happen.

Working Together – We will strive to improve what we do. We will build partnerships and work together to make things better.

Respect & Dignity – We will show care, compassion and respect in everything we do.

Compassion – We will Listen, understand and learn. We will support people in the way that works for them and never forget that they are the only reason we are here.

Everyone Counts – We will support each other to make this a great place to work. We will also challenge each other to make us a better organisation.

Commitment to Quality of Life – We will be passionate, dedicated and determined to do an excellent job. We’ll tell our colleagues when they’ve done something really well.

These values run through everything that we do. If you are supported by us or rely on us to support someone you love, you’ll see these values in how we work, everyday.

A short note of the most sincere gratitude to you and your team... your consideration, care and action towards Rosa is nothing less than a miracle to us