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What's it like to work here?

So, why would you work for Purley Park Trust?

You can ask what the people that do think about us - lots of them have put their comments on our site. You're also welcome to come and visit and ask them.

We know that if the people we support are going to get an excellent service, this will be from staff that really care about them and love working here. That's why we work so hard to make sure that people feel valued, supported, listened to and part of a team that is doing something great, together.

We're pretty sure that we can offer the best and most rewarding jobs you'll find anywhere. You will:

  • get to know the people we support and learn how you can be part of making their lives better
  • learn a whole range of new skills and knowledge and get qualifications that will help your career
  • have the opportunity to develop your career with us. Nearly all of our Managers started with us as Support Workers (and they are amazing Managers)
  • love working as part of our dedicated and friendly team
  • make new friends and all of the things that come from working in a really positive, supportive environment
  • be joining an organisation that wants you to help us get better at what we do

I have worked for Purley Park Trust for 24yrs. From the CEO to the newest staff member, everyone is encouraged to contribute with new ideas, new ways of doing things and decisions. The values and culture make it a great place to work

Louise – Manager