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Supported Living

Where we live, who we live with and being near the people we really care about are pretty fundamental to most peoples' lives.

That's why each of our Supported Living Services is designed and managed with the people we support and the important people in their lives, so that we can help people to live the life that they would choose.

Our experience and knowledge of our local area really helps the people we support to get the most out of the community that they live in. This is is one of the reasons that we don't develop services out of the areas that we know. 

All of our supported living services are 'bespoke' - every aspect of them is designed with the people we support to make sure that everything works for them. How much support we provide and how it is organised will depend on what each person needs and wants. 

  • James lives in Calcot and just needs a couple of hours' support a day. We organise when this happens with him each week so we can make sure we're there when he needs us and not when he doesn't
  • David needs someone to be with him all of the time to make sure that he is safe. He has autism and gets very anxious when things happen that he isn't expecting - especially sudden loud noises or people doing things he doesn't understand. This makes living with other people very difficult for David (and in the past, for people he has lived with, too). Remember a time when you were really, really worried about something, how it felt and the effect it had on you and the people around you?That's a bit like how David felt all of the time and it led to him being admitted to hospital for his and other peoples' safety. With our help, David is now living in his own bungalow in a quiet cul-de-sac, supported by staff that he really likes and who know what he needs, down to the really small details that are important to him. Because he's got control over the important things in his life, he's much less anxious. This is good but the really great thing is seeing David doing new things as his confidence grows and taking part in social events that he would have really struggled with when he was so anxious.  

Purley Park provides the appropriate care to meet our daughter's complex needs, and the loving atmosphere in which she thrives. 

David and Ellen, Tanya’s parents